IMF’s Lagarde: More Debt

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Lagarde is pushing a continuation of theft from you, the common man and woman

by Karl Denninger | Market Ticker | September 6, 2015

When do we, the people of the world, stop listening to these self-serving jackasses who caused the distortions that the world now suffers under in the economic realm and stop trying to protect those who stole their wealth from everyone else?

“Downside risks to the outlook have increased, particularly for emerging market economies. Against this backdrop, policy priorities have taken on even more urgency since we last met in April,” IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said after a meeting of top finance officials from the Group of 20 largest economies.


“A concerted policy effort is needed to address these challenges, including continued accommodative monetary policy in advanced economies; growth-friendly fiscal policies; and structural reforms to boost potential output and productivity,” Ms. Lagarde said.



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