While everyone was distracted by Megyn and Donald, Obama was quietly doing THIS

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Remember folks, the whole art of “sleight of hand” depends on misdirection…

Written by Derrick Wilburn on August 9, 2015

While everyone was conveniently distracted by the epic clash of the Titans between Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly, the Bureau of Labor Statistics quietly released its monthly data on workforce participation.

And it’s disastrous for our nation.

You can say this much about the Obama economy, it consistently sets new records. All of them bad.

The Obama economy has sent healthcare insurance prices skyrocketing, decimated our military preparedness through massive spending slashes, and with 50 million Americans now on the federal food stamp (SNAP) program we’re, at a post-Depression era high. America now has record numbers of children living in poverty and Americans living at or beneath the poverty line. Obama has broadened the income inequality gap, and month-after-month the Obama economy breaks its OWN previous month’s record for workforce…

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