Bill Windsor prevails of false charges he was a “threat”

Way to go Bill! What needless Bullshit!

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

Bill Windsor reports by video from Missouri on the crimes committed by Allie Overstreet

Tuesday, 09 April 2013 00:00
William M. Windsor
missouri-border-lawless-america-movie-2012-08-01 015-200w

Bill Windsor video report from Lexington Missouri after court appearance against Allie Overstreet.

Bill Windsor was accused of being a would-be serial killer and/or mass murderer by pathological liar Allie Overstreet aka Lori Overstreet and her latest boyfriend, Mark Supanich.  These were outregaous lies, and Allie Overstreet committed a variety of crimes in doing this.

Here’s the video…


After being given every opportunity to come up with one iota of evidence that supported the false sworn claims, Judge John Frerking dismissed the action.

Bill Windsor never even had to present a defense.

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